What do I know?

What Do I Know ?

I have so much to tell! I am going to start with me and lay it all out there. You can comment, blast me, or question what I have to say.

But first my violin story:

“When I was in elementary school many moons ago, but this stuck with me. I wanted to play the violin. Back then, you could have an instrument and take it home to practice.

I would go over my girlfriend’s house and watch her wax the strings, then play her violin. I loved it and couldn’t wait until I made to the 5th grade, so I could play it too.

I rarely missed a day of school. However, in 5th grade, on giving out instruments from the music teacher, I was home sick!

When I went back to school, four boys and I reported to the music room for the teacher to allocate our instruments. Anyway, we all stood in a line in front of him and I was on the end.

He told us to squeeze his hand as hard as we could. So, after we each did as instructed , he pointed at us as he went down the line and said’ violin, violin, violin, violin, cello.’ Cello! He said I would break a violin.

I cried.”

This is pretty much how my life went as you’ll see.

I have tough skin: bullied; abused verbally; I was molested when I was 7 years old; had an abortion when I was married at 18 years old; had an abusive husband, both verbally and physically; I was a Jehovah’s Witness at 22 years old, and when I was 36, my husband pointed a gun at my head, and I asked, “What the f..k are you going to do with that?” Well he showed me: He was dead at 40 years old by his own hand.

Then I left the Jehovah’s Witnesses behind me. However, that is not the end of the story. They were a cult disguised as Christians!

It  was the beginning of my life!

I would like to tell you how it all went down and there is some key issues in all of that. I was a victim, even though I danced through it all. I am sure that there are people out there that want to know how I did it or better yet, how they can do it.

I want to help people, and that’s not all, I have ways to save money, build your credit, and keeping the lights on. You see, my job approx. 26 years was running companies as a “controller” I took these companies and found creative ways to save them. All without a degree.




  1. The more I find out about JWs the more bizarre it gets. Imagine “pioneers” denying Jesus?

    Ask a JW if that person is in the body of Christ and one will get a “no” answer. John 10:9 says one must enter in Christ to be saved. That is by His body in Eph 5:23 and Col 1:18

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    1. Did u know that JW’s believe that Jesus is really Michael the Arch-Angel? I did a great deal of research for my book, and I was amazed how much they lied, and changed the Bible to suit their doctrines. But what does being a pioneer have to do with it? they are pioneers because of the hours they put in and the books they sell. I can blow your mind with the truths behind the Kingdom Hall doors. I will be tackling that next in my blog series called, “the Cult.”


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