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The Breach 9/11

The Breach is about how we had a hedge around us from the Lord, but when they took his name out of most governmental and public things, 9-11 happened. Now look at Israel, see map the hedge is still in place.


My Opinion: I call this, “The Breach,” because those are the first words that went through my mind as I was glued to the TV when the devastation took place. I was waiting for someone to tell me that it was not true. It finally happened and I wasn’t surprised, but very much upset.

Do you have any idea why it happened? Well, my theory is God allowed it. He had a protective “hedge ” around the United States, until…

Well, let’s look back to the recent behavior of our government officials and the Americans that agreed with them.

We kicked God and prayer out of our public places. And in 1962,  prayer was not allowed in the schools. It did not fit the separation of Church and State and was implemented by the US Supreme Court. Siting the premise that Thomas Jefferson used the term “Separation of Church and State,” in a letter to the Baptist Association in Danbury, Connecticut.

It goes along with the presumption that the “Declaration of Independence,” in which Thomas Jefferson had a pivotal role as its composition of the original draft, was against it. The question is: Why didn’t we take the Use of God and Prayer out of our schools, public and government buildings in 1802? It would be 160 years later , in 1962 that this was implemented.Why? The Supreme Court used Thomas Jefferson, as their basis for removing God wherever they could.

Now we had an invisible hedge around us. In 1776 our country was free and God was mentioned in quite a few documents and songs. Even our money says, “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Do we?

The letter to Danbury, mentioned concern for the Baptists. they were the ones on the wrong end of the stick. Thomas Jefferson did not want government in our churches. It was and is a scary thought.

Even Abraham Lincoln said, in his Gettysburg address of 1863:

” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” 

 In 1963, The Abington Case, which is one of the reasons we saw this happen. It began when Edward Schempp, an Unitarian Universalist and a resident of Abington Township, Pennsylvania,(my home town), filed suit against the Abington School District. He stated the correct statutes  and claimed that it violated his family, especially his son, Ellory’s rights under the First and Fourth Amendments.

Terrorists; there is no equal to a suicide bomber. For instance, look at the Kamikaze pilot in WWII. They were not promised 72 virgins, but the word “Kamikaze,” actually means, “God, Wind.” They are generally motivated by religion. The new and improved suicide bomber use themselves with a bomb attached to their person or they commit suicide by using a weapon, such as an airplane to complete their mission. Fanatics of any kind are extremely dangerous. They are particularly treacherous because they are brain-washed from the best in the world-Our home grown “converted” Military Commanders. I have a friend that told me, while he was in jail, the ISIL or ISIS recruiters would come in and get these inmates all worked up against the “infidels.” He said it was working for him, he spent 8 years as a Muslim, until he picked up a Bible and cracked it open. Now he is a Baptist Preacher who goes around the jails to teach the Gospel to these inmates. And they actually believe they are to get 72 virgins when they die????

It’s like Solomon said, “nothing new under the sun.”- Eccl. 1:9

There are probably more reasons that caused God to be angry with the United States Government and its peoples. Remember the government is short on giving up information. We can only imagine. However, it is obvious, if you are paying attention, the sins against the Lord were/are tantamount to such a shocking breach. We need to bring God back into this Country!

1 Thess. 4:8 says in the NKJV:

“Rejecting Holiness is rejecting God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit with us.”

So, we as a nation turned our backs on God. Now you know something of God’s wrath.

Let’s look at Israel. It’s that tiny Country surrounded by the much larger enemy Arab nations. (see map), God’s hedge is still in place, for without god none of this is possible. Apparently, Israel did not reject the Lord’s people, so they now enjoy that hedge, because Jehovah does not lie and there is still a covenant between God and the remnant Israelites.

This invisible “Hedgeis still around Israel. Because of the covenants found in the Pentateuch or Torah or the first five books of the Bible; Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, the Noahic Covenant (Gen. 9:9), is unique in applying to all humanity, while the other covenants are principally agreements made between God and the biblical Israelites.

Let’s see how stupid we can get now?

Israel map









  1. We find the breach in alot of areas in the United States. Political Correctness is a viral breach. Ever noticed , with Islam, how they are very welcomed in our country and even some schools are ‘forcing’ kids to take part in Islamic role playing? Yet the Christian faith is spit at….. I think part of the goal here is to make Islam our friend so that Islam won’t pull a 9/11 on us but that would be part of the Islam trojan horse. Tell us lies, get our trust and pull American down from the inside while crying out that Islam is religion of peace. Most of the areas in the world that are in turmoil are do to Islamic terrorists.

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    1. I think the terrorists are scaring everybody because you do not know when & where they could strike. Wholesome looking Americans are also in the camps all over the country just because they are angry at the capitalists, (infidels). They say & mean that if you are not with them you’re dead. We could never be friends when they make it clear their religion teaches that if you are not with them, then they will kill you. They are taking pot shots now. But It’ll get a lot worse. Now what I mean by the hedge, is the protective cover only God can give. Indians aside, this country was founded on God. Now just like the Israelites, they turned their back on him in all things, yes we have “In God We Trust” on our money, but the mason symbol is on there too. Deb


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