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Breaking Through Brick Walls, an Easter Story

Never believe in accidents. God is very much in control. This is what happened to me on Easter Sunday.




After writing my last blog about the “Holy Spirit,” a victoryfunny thing happened to me on my way to church.  I had my husband, Tony with me; “an unbeliever; I don’t want to hear it; sitting on the fence”, kind of guy. We were on our way to Victory Missionary Church, I even have pictures to prove it!

I was experiencing what I wrote about immediately after writing my “Holy Spirit” blog. As I said in “running into Brick Walls,” let God lead. I really do not do well-doing the leading, even though I try to teach others. I try to set a good example, but fall flat on face! Every morning, when I have my coffee with the Lord, tissues are always nearby. I cry a lot because when God hears me, the tears start. I always ask for the usual things, but one in particular sticks in my crawl, and that is lazy Pastors.

They either get their sermons on the internet, or do not teach the bible, scriptures included, oh maybe one. nevertheless they preach milk, and it is usually spoiled.  I pray that they teach when they preach. We need teachers in the pulpits, because too many Christians do not have a clue about the “Truth,” and that is dangerous. That is why I write my blogs and get into unknown scriptures and tell my audience things they never heard before. 

Well, God blessed me these past two weeks and now I have a clearer understanding of our Lord.  I sat back and watched Him in action. This is what ensued next:

As I said, I left my last church because I was not being fed. So, after six years of going only to see me friends, I decided to look for a “new home church.”  I was praying for Jesus to lead me, and I stood ready, (kindly note: you are never ready for what the Lord has in store for you ).  I had no idea what would happen and when. Should I go church hopping? No…..That would hinder what He had planned for me, so I waited.  

I never knew how much He is in our lives. Imagine the God that created the universe lives in me! So, I stepped back and watched and listened and learned.  Nevertheless, I really did not want to ask around too much regarding the churches in our area. I did ask my Mom, who along with my Dad to Gulf Coast Community Church. I felt like I was on an island and needed some rescuing.   

It is in St. Petersburg, it might as well be in Russia, because I cannot drive there. Mom said, “Why don’t you go to Victory Missionary Church.” My reply, which was not taken too well was, “I do not like  ‘mega’ churches, been there, done that.” She got a bit ticked and told me to figure it out for myself! Boat (#1)

However, I never stopped praying for God’s intervention. I was driving to the store and a friend of mine stopped me, and waved me over only to tell me that she left 1st Baptist and started going to Victory . She couldn’t say enough good things about it and encouraged me to go.  Again I said my usual spiel. Airplane (#2)  

Here is what happened next:

I had an appointment that was made last year regarding my implants.  They usually want you to heal before the Dr. starts playing around in your mouth.  So I showed up and he was still with another patient. Consequently, I was in the dentist chair waiting with his assistant Tabitha. She is a wiry pretty girl with a nose stud. I believe she is twenty something.

All of a sudden,(and this is how it goes), God laid on my heart to ask her for a possible home church, and I am like, what??? Don’t talk back to the Lord. Just do what he says, so out of my mouth came, “Tabitha, I am looking for a home church, do you know of any,” and out of her mouth came, “my uncle is a pastor in Victory Missionary Church.” My heart sunk, until she added, “it is a satellite church on the south side for people who like a smaller church.” Tabitha added, “and it is in a movie theatre plus there’s coffee and donuts.” I was in heaven! If I wasn’t in the Dentist’s chair you could have knocked me over with one of those bricks from my wall! Stupid/rescued! (#3)

 I wrote a blog, previous to this one, “Running into Brick Walls.” which is about the Holy Spirit and how we should pay attention and listen to Him. This time he hit me right in the face with it and I did not even see it coming! However, my Savior is listening! And he is totally in my life. 

As I stated in one of my blogs, when I have coffee with God every morning, I pray for all preachers to teach, and hold my husband, Tony up for salvation among other things.. Therefore I had two weeks to separate Tony from the fence that he is sitting on. This was the Easter sermon, “How to get to Heaven.”

I went on Palm Sunday, and thoroughly enjoyed it, because Pastor Jeff taught. He talked about Jesus on the Cross. The main gift to me was that I found a church that where they teach instead of preaching. The preaching is there, but it is subtle. My prayers were answered. The Pastor was a great teacher and he said the Easter Sunday was going to be, “How Do We Get to Heaven.” Hallelujah! A man who speaks Bible language!

I only had one week to convince Tony to go. I started out with , “it’s dark and you can pick our seats, and oh yeah the coffee and donuts.” Tony went, and he was in for something different, he actually learned something. It was basic, informative and funny.

When asked, in reality he liked Pastor Jeff’s style, and indicated he might go back, which in Tony language is a “thumbs up!”

Now Pastor Jeff said we would be getting into a “Happiness” series. I was beside myself, which is not new. I had written blogs on this subject because I was a joyless christian, and then the unspeakable joy came. That blog is called, “Spiritual Depression.”

In addition, the people are so friendly and warm. The first day, I mentioned it was my first attendance to a warm wonderful woman who took me by the hand and showed me how it all worked. Her name is Nancy and she is from New York and originally, Jamaica.  We sat together and boy did we dance to the beat of the worship team. I had so much fun, and we didn’t even hear the speaker yet. I received a little note from Pastor Jeff, saying he was glad that I came and hoped I would come back next week. As we got closer to Sunday, I received a phone call from him, and before he could say anything, I said, “Yes, I will be there this Sunday.” He laughed and we chatted a little bit and then we said our goodbyes. Man can this preacher teach! It is as if all my joy was overwhelming because I had already studied and researched subjects he is going to cover.

What do I do to get this guy, and talk to him? He is always in a hurry, and he says hi to everyone, when I could get a word in. How do I make an appointment with this guy? The Holy Spirit said, contact Victory Missionary Church.”











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