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Tree of Life Dreamcatchers!


Tree of life DreamCatchers

They are a hobby I picked up between blogs. I make them myself. They are all9-10″ in diameter and the tail is over 15″ long. I pay for the shipping unless you are not in the US. My phones 863-937-4898




This is my Story.

I haven’t been able to get a job because of my age and that is the truth, I get forklift operators, carrying over 50lb jobs, certified Nurse jobs, which would be great if I didn’t faint at the sight of blood, and the goodies who really want to hire me, that are too far away. I tried work at home jobs and got scammed, big time!

So all I could do is make these trees. They are all different, but approximately the same size.I started out a few years ago and eventually made about #300, I have #35 left from that bundle and am making more with a spider web effect. with feathers.


Tree of Life Dream Catchers

I am going to provide as many as I can, because they all are so different.Same size however Please call me if you have any questions


Tree of Life Dreamcatchers

They are all handmade, no two alike. shipping included and returnable. Most are 9-10" in dia., over 15" long (tail). Charms and feathers are on most and pictures do not do them justice.


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