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No Fear, No Anxieties

No Fear, No Anxieties

How the Holy Spirit showed me how to defeat it

Are you plagued with the “What Ifs?”

If you are anxious, worried, and so much so, your prayers are overwhelmed with too much baggage. Take note of what my experience with The Holy Spirit taught me.

It is common sense really.

It was for approximately 3-4 yrs that I cried myself to sleep with self-pity.

Nothing was working out, except, praising God for the disability insurance.  The Doctors found both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia to name three of the six diseases I have acquired all at once.

All-day anxieties crept into my thoughts. More worries. We had just built a house, going from two paychecks to one, and I was handling the money, but what a burden.

What if they took our house due to foreclosure? Were we going to be able to sell it before that day comes? How are we going to eat?

I felt sorry for myself, and the only way to get me out of bed was through prayer. When I prayed for a double portion of the Holy Spirit, God, in His wisdom, would give me a picture of various scenarios. I saw the visions in my soul that reminded me of unspeakable joy, like when I was “saved,” for instance.

I was given talents to help and encourage, among love, etc.


The anxiety attacks are so overwhelming that fervent and hones prayer was needed, and the Holy Spirit came to the rescue.

It was the middle of the night when this onrush of apprehensions and worries woke me up. I couldn’t breathe.  Yes, it was a panic attack, however, it started with my lack of spiritual vision.

There are different kinds of melancholy. One Satan employs is when he uses your own thoughts against you by interjecting thoughts in your mind. Then with his help, we blow it all out of proportion, and the anxiousness comes in waves.

My Pastor last week talked about how Satan the devil can interrupt your thought process by planting ideas, which are not healthy thoughts. That’s how you know. Good thoughts reflect God’s wisdom and opinions from the devil are always against our relationship with Our Lord.

Satan’s objective has been to separate our love from God’s Love. Remember it may sound like your voice, but negative thoughts come from the prince of darkness.

Okay so I woke up with a start at about 2 am, my mind was whirling. I was freaking out because they had predicted a thunderstorm around the time I had a doctor’s appt a ½ hr. away. Did I mention that I was deathly afraid of T’storms.

Then there was a bunch of lawyers waiting for me to give a deposition on an accident I had caused.

Of course, no money, no dinner.

My mind spins and I start to cry, which reminds me to talk to God. I had missed some beautiful because I was too depressed.

I just wanted to die. Not suicide, just that God would take me.

The Answers

Here’s the long and short of it, “leave it with God.” Listen to the Comforter, He is in us for this very reason.

 First, calm down in prayer. God will refresh you. Without thinking, I laid back on the bed and reasoned things out with the Holy Spirit’s help.

He, after the craziness of my way of thinking, told me to approach it one problem at a time.

So I did. Starting with the storms; If God wants to take me, so what? His promises in the Bible I stand on. I am really not afraid to die.

Then, I wouldn’t be alone at the deposition, I have a lawyer, and most importantly, the Holy Spirit would be with me.

Finally, I can pick up a roasted chicken for $5.

Experiences of the Holy Spirit in Action

When I lay down on my back and pray, the Holy Spirit calms me and tells me what to do in different ways.

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