Heaven by Attrition

This why I got involved in the blogging process after I wrote my book.

This page is the information that I, personally want to impart . I wrote this book to identify a cult when you see one, and how to extricate yourself, then comes the healing.

My book is in three sections, “The Jewish Years”; “The Cult” ; and “We have an Amazing God.”

Throughout I give my own live experiences, which can be horrific at times. I was a Jehovah’s Witness and I left the cult in 1990 and became a born-again Christian in 2008.

This is my story and I go into great detail on the scriptural end of it by showing context and breaking down the scriptures.

There are 35 blogs on this site, and more coming. These are the hardest questions I had to prove to myself after leaving the cult I was a part of for 15 yrs. I have been researching the scriptures, praying that, Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, has revealed himself.

I have never seen most of the Bible until I started really researching it. I do the best I can when I blog about different subjects that are all book or Bible related.

Please if you’re even a little bit inclined, go into one of my blogs that might interest you and see what God is trying to tell us al. It really is true and I had to prove it to myself first, but only Bible-based.

Check it out folks, it’s the best thing I ever did.

Debbie Sorrentino

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