What Do I Know ?

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I have so much to tell! I am going to start with me and lay it all out there. You can comment, blast me, or question what I have to say.

But first my violin story:

“When I was in elementary school many moons ago, but this stuck with me. I wanted to play the violin. Back then, you could have an instrument and take it home to practice.

I would go over my girlfriend’s house and watch her wax the strings, then play her violin. I loved it and couldn’t wait until I made to the 5th grade, so I could play it too.

I rarely missed a day of school. However, in 5th grade, on giving out instruments from the music teacher, I was home sick!

When I went back to school, four boys and I reported to the music room for the teacher to allocate our instruments. Anyway, we all stood in a line in front of him and I was on the end.

He told us to squeeze his hand as hard as we could. So, after we each did as instructed , he pointed at us as he went down the line and said’ violin, violin, violin, violin, cello.’ Cello! He said I would break a violin.

I cried.”

This is pretty much how my life went as you’ll see.

I have tough skin: bullied; abused verbally; I was molested when I was 7 years old; had an abortion when I was married at 18 years old; had an abusive husband, both verbally and physically; I was a Jehovah’s Witness at 22 years old, and when I was 36, my husband pointed a gun at my head, and I asked, “What the f..k are you going to do with that?” Well he showed me: He was dead at 40 years old by his own hand.

Then I left the Jehovah’s Witnesses behind me. However, that is not the end of the story. They were a cult disguised as Christians!

It  was the beginning of my life!

I would like to tell you how it all went down and there is some key issues in all of that. I was a victim, even though I danced through it all. I am sure that there are people out there that want to know how I did it or better yet, how they can do it.

I want to help people, and that’s not all, I have ways to save money, build your credit, and keeping the lights on. You see, my job approx. 26 years was running companies as a “controller” I took these companies and found creative ways to save them. All without a degree.

This is the business side of my brain, then there is the creative side where I wrote my book, “Heaven by Attrition(elimination)” My blogs are all about my beginnings in the  jewish years only to find my self a Jehovah’s Witness and took my kids for the ride.I remained there for 15 years . I do not know how I did it because I am a “Control Freak.” And I let everyone know what happened to me during that time. You see, I was  on fire looking for Jesus since I was 12. I became a JW when I was 22 until I was 36 when I uncovered a conspiracy.  My husband killed himself over this. I have two children.

Then I go into a Church 18 yrs later and am saved on the spot. That is a wild testimony.  So, I have been a born-again Christian for some years.   God led me to write all of my blogs because it helped me reasearch doctrines, like the trinity., the Rapture, Where do we go when we die. That one I had many Bibles out to look at the scriptures in the index and went to E-Sword. Why don’t you look at them.

Sincerly your, Debbie Sorrentino

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