This is just a short excerpt about your blog.

This is where you can see my 30+ blogs dealing with the cult of JW’s and the experiences in my life as such. I started out a jew, looking for Christ at 12. Went a bit sideways to say the least. Then became a JW for 15 yrs and extricated myself out of it, only to have my husband commit suicide. Eighteen years later, I walked into my first Church and was “saved.” Take my advice and start with the “Jewish Years.”

My book is called Heaven by Attrition and it is on barnes & noble, you can get it on Kindle & Nook.

What do I know signifies the fact that I was kept in the dark while I was a JW. So everything I learned being a true Christian, I had to prove to myself only using the MKJV Study Bible. Read “The Trinity for Dummies’ and you will understand how far I went.

Most of my blogs are my experiences that reflect my book regarding what I found out and I am also using E-Sword, and the Dictionary, etc. I love sharing what I have found with you, because, just like me, you probably never laid your eyes on some of these scriptures.

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